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Email marketing

Email marketing gives one of the best returns on investment of any communications tool.

Imagine a leaflet campaign that can be sent to precise segments of the population, whether it’s geographical, income streams or any other grouping.

Imagine it can reach anyone, anywhere on the globe, as long as they fit your criteria as a bone fide customer.

Then imagine you can do all this without having to pay to have all the leaflets printed and with dramatically lowered delivery costs. Or that you can change the leaflet whenever you want.

Even better, imagine that you can find out who reads your leaflet, who throws it in the bin and who is interested.

That’s basically the power of email marketing – an intelligent online marketing campaign.

Once you’ve designed and tested the email you want to send out and collected the addresses to send to, it’s incredibly cost-efficient in terms of per email sent – nothing compared to leaflet drops.

Not just selling

Email can also be used to enhance existing relationships, not just create new ones.

You can let your customers know about new products or services, seasonal campaigns, discount offers, anything that will benefit them.

What are the pitfalls?

There are challenges along the road to successful email marketing. We’ve all seen spam and know how irritating it is. There are mechanisms in place across the internet to try to stop spam so you need to know how to present your emails so they are identified as legitimate.

There are also strict rules in the UK as to how you obtain and store people’s permission to email them.

It’s all a bit of a minefield, one that’s constantly changing. So Entire Media is constantly investing in updating its systems, procedures and practices to make sure your email has the best chance of getting through.

If top companies like GAP UK, Three, Ralph Lauren, Fiat, Ford, House of Fraser and American Express are impressed enough to use Entire Media, isn’t it time you gave us a try?

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